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Crocodilenest 2016-2018
One day I ran into a white man in Wewak, the port city where I was working as a carpenter. And another white man. And another one. I followed them until I faced a cruise ship. Three folklore groups performed dances in honour of the four thousand passengers. I knew two of the groups. The members of the third group appeared as if they wear crocodile skins.
So, I set off on a day trip by bus. When the final station was reached and the other passengers changed the vehicles into canoes, only me and an old man remained. "Where are you going?" the man asked. "To the crocodile men," was my answer. "My name is Kama -come with me”
I thought I would stay a few days. Eventually, I was there for three weeks and got adopted by Kama’s family. And Kamas family became my family.