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behind the fence where crocodiles are born 2016-2019
You might have been born as a boy – but attaining manhood stands above all. Manhood is not conferred upon everyone with a penis: biological characteristics are not enough here. Becoming a man requires the assent of the community and the bloody sacrifice of the individual. It can only be obtained by way of a ritual, spanning entire days, which men use to elevate boys into their ranks. 
From that point on, the former boy will be subject to different rules: with anger and respect being the two key masks that will let the man perform his manhood in the theatre of everyday life. 
„In the skin of the father, in the skin of the ancestors, in the skin of the crocodile, in the man skin cut the marks of the crocodiles. Come here and get the marks.“ ritual song for the sing sing translated from Iatmul 
What about us? We are bound by taboo, we must close our eyes, cover our lenses, turn away not everything can be seen, and some things must stay protected. Even if we could see into the heart of the mystery, open our eyes for a hundredth of a second, still we would not see anything, as seeing requires understanding.