I wish these words will reach you.

I just remember when we first met. I was five years old and my Mama told me the story of you and Little Red Riding Hood. You were unpredictable and mysterious. Later in religion class I was told that I was a lamb, God was my shepherd and you were my enemy. But you didn‘t scare me. In my dreams you were my friend. I knew that your home was close to where Nonna‘s house is, and that reassured me. You told me the story of how you chased the moon and your twin brother chased the sun. In some sense, you both cause our universe to spin. You drive our cosmos....


“Hello Darkness, my old friend” was done in the Foto Verzasca Residence program in 2020.

Instalations Images: Verzasca Foto Festival (CH) 2020

Hello Darkness, my old Friend